Masterclasses 2022

The George Gershwin Competition Masterclasses 2022 will be held June 13, 2022 at The National Opera America Center.
The exact schedule of the masterclasses will be posted May 1, 2022.
Masterclasses are open to general public.
Gershwin Competition masterclasses focus on education and development, providing master class opportunities for highly talented college, graduate and emerging professional musicians. Master classes with Gershwin International Competition Jury Members are designed to provide a productive and enriching professional experience to all who participate.
Master classes are held between Semifinal and Final Rounds. Competition participants and audience members are encouraged to observe the competition rounds in between master class sessions.


Applicants shall select and prepare a solo program, not longer than 7-8 minutes in duration, for performance in the master class.
Sections of multi-movement works, such as a piano sonata, or a collection of short pieces of contrasting style, are allowed.
The instructor will choose pieces from your program to focus on during the master class.

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