Community Outreach Programs

Alongside the George Gershwin Outstanding Artists Series, George Gershwin International Music Competition presents
The Community Outreach Programs.

Taking place in high schools, churches, libraries, and other community centers around New York, Community Outreach Programs present educative and interactive lecture-performances by the Gershwin Competition participants, who are happy to share their talents and love for music with the New York Community.
Participating in the program, talents from around the world not only expand their performance experience for diverse audiences, but also serve as efficient artist educators.

The School Ambassador is an arts-in education initiative, which provides inspirational lecture-recitals by the Gershwin Competition participants to the school and colleges of New York. Performing music by George Gershwin and other composers, talents from around the world will talk about their lives in music, share goals for the future, and respond to audience questions in an environment of an interactive seminar.

Many of the school students have never been experienced the joy of attending a live musical performance. The Concert Experience initiative presents college and school students of New York with an exciting opportunity to attend George Gershwin International Music Competition Live Semi-Final and Final rounds. Teachers prepare students for this visit by reviewing concert etiquette, discussing the repertoire to be performed and the background of the particular competitors they will be seeing. Hearing greatest works of music, performed by the vast array of international talents students will obtain a life-lasting source of inspiration.

The Gershwin Therapy initiative presents Gershwin Competition participants to present interactive performances to the diverse audience of New York, sharing the reviving power of music by Gershwin, Mozart, and other composers. Taking place in hospitals, churches, libraries, and other community centers around New York, The Gershwin Therapy initiative is focused on those community members, who are unable to attend musical performances on their own.

Have you ever wanted to experience The George Gershwin Competition at your fingertips? Now you have a chance. The Gershwin Home-Concerts brings international talents to perform in an intimate setting of a private salon. Let us bring the world-class performances to your home.

For more information, or to suggest a home concert for the Gershwin Competition Finalists, please CLICK HERE