“Life is a lot like's best when you improvise.”
- George Gershwin

“The spirit is truly amazing at the G.Gershwin International Music Competition.
Thank you for doing this for the jazz people around the world!.”

- Sonny "Uncle Don" Rollins" ~ Legendary saxophone jazz player, composer, band leader.

"I am ecstatic by the competition ideas..."

- Todd Gershwin
The great-nephew of George and Ira Gershwin
Trustee - Gershwin Family Estate

"The idea and concept of this competition is great: to honor George Gershwin and offer a platform for musicians of various ages."

- Drs. Gustav Alink
Director - Alink-Argerich Foundation

"The competition was a masterwork of organization, a monumental serviced to the arts, and I was quite honored to participate as a jury member. I enjoyed everything and everyone on the jury."

- Richard Kimball (United States), Jury Member - Competition 2013

"The level of participants were very high. What you have done culturaly ( the first Gershwin,the American composer, competition in the USA) is comparable only with the the Russian classical ballet, brought to the West by Dyagilev."

- Larissa Kritskaya (United States), Jury Member, Piano Competition 2013

...A very inspiring experience..."

- Yael Acher "Kat" Modiano, Composer, Flute Player, Jury Member Winds Competition 2013

...A great opportunity!..."

- Frank Humphrey The III, Tenor (United States) - Manhattan school of Music ~ I prize, Best Performance of G.Gershwin Music Prize winner in the Voice Category, Competition 2013

"It was truly a pleasure to take part in the G. Gershwin Brooklyn Competition. The competition was really well organised, and the sponsors were generous. It is truly wonderful that there finally is a competition in name of this brilliant man."
The amount of competitors was very high, and so was the level of professionalism. I highly recommend musicians to participate next year, especially because of the performance opportunities the winners receive.I am very excited and eagerly looking forward to having numerous performances throughout the USA."

- Anastasia Ryzykov, Piano (Canada), Grand-Prix Winner of the G.Gershwin 2013 International Music Competition.

"Thank you so much for everything! It was great being surrounded by such wonderful and talented musicians. I was especially blown away by the vocalists! I cannot imagine what hard work it took for you to put everything together."

- Mariko Shimasaki, Violin (Japan/United States), The Juilliard School ~ II Prize, Link Music Management Prize in the Strings Category, Competition 2013

"The competition served as an opportunity for great musicians all around the world to express themselves and revel in the art of music. It's inspiring to be around so many talents!"

- Marcus Rose, Viola (United States), The Juilliard School Alumni, II Prize in the Strings Category, Competition 2013

"I felt like everyone, including the jury was there first of all to hear music and was enjoying every minute of it. I've never had that experience at a competition before so that was a very positive experience for me.
I greatly enjoyed the hall where the finals took place and the Steinway piano complemented it very well - those are perhaps the two most important things for me in any performance."

- Jonathan Levin, Piano (United States), Brooklyn Conservatory, II Prize and Special Best Performance Prizes in Piano Category, Competition 2013

"I want to thank you for the amazing opportunity you afforded all of the young musicians in the Brooklyn International Music Competition. It's exciting to see a new project take off, and I'm sure that within a few years, there will be a multitude of young musicians all across the globe applying to this competition. You did phenomenal work, and I encourage you to continue, because your effort and perseverance really shined through. I'm so glad I participated."

- Robert Daniel May, Vocie (United States), The Juilliard School, I Prize and Special Best Performance Prizes in Voice Category, Competition 2013

"...We want to thank you for all your support of Pauline during her time in NY. She (Pauline) is still very impressed about the entire competition event and all her exciting impressions around. Every day there are situations we talk about the competition and her experiences she got. Not only her family although her teacher and friends are very proud of Pauline. Again, we now this was only possible because of your perfect organisation and individual support.
Thanks a lot for all your kind help.
Throughout the competition and Pauline’s successful result Pauline is even more motivated to participate in furthermore competitions and courses and workshops in and outside of Germany..."

- Family of Pauline Schulte-Beckhausen, Viola (Germany), I Prize Winner in the Junior Category in the Strings Competition 2013