He Le


He Le is an associate professor of Shanghai Conservatory of music. He was admitted to Shanghai Musicology in 1992. In the Piano Department of the college, he studied under Professor Lin eryao and stayed in the school to teach after graduation in 1996.

In 1994, a jazz band called "five guy son the trian" was formed The team was welcomed by the majority of Jazz fans. Since 1998, he has been invited to participate in Plus international jazz festivals in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. In February 2000, he was invited to participate in the British "Huang Yan" music and Art Festival Performed in London, Manchester and other places, with skillful performance skills and rich tables Xianli has been highly praised by local newspapers and periodicals! From 2002 to 2006, he successfully held and participated in jazz music for many times Meeting, including "special concert of individual Jazz works" and "non classical jazz" Concert "," jazzmonk New Year Concert "," foreign film music Concert "," Professor jazz concert "," Jazz professional welcome music "Yes", etc.

In 2003, he opened the course of jazz piano performance in Shanghai Conservatory of music Class, compile the score of jazz piano performance. Published piano score in 2004- Romantic Piano Tour Series (Volumes 1 and 2 of European and American nostalgic Golden Melody), Chinese and foreign Jazz piano music collection, old songs and new play, etc. In 2004, he went to Stanford University in the United States to study jazz and was awarded the title Under the guidance of master Markle ⅵ ne.

Since 2005, the major of jazz piano performance has been opened in Shanghai Conservatory of music Course. In 2006, he went to Pacific University in Los Angeles and Arizona State University Visit to learn jazz courses. In 2007, he participated in and held the "International Jazz master of Shanghai Conservatory of music" Class ". In 2017, the major of jazz piano performance was opened in the high school attached to Shanghai Conservatory of music, and textbooks such as impromptu piano performance course were published.